My name is Ariana. I’m a Communications major at the College of Saint Rose concentrating in Film and New Media with a double minor in Psychology and Writing. This website is an online portfolio featuring pieces of my film, photography, and writing.

I was raised in the Hudson Valley and graduated from Red Hook High School in 2015.

After I graduate, I hope to become a screenwriter for cinema and become a published fiction writer. I hope to show people that good book-to-movie film adaptions exist.

Film adaptions should not aspire to be exact copies on screen, but instead tell the story in the most accurate, respectful way possible while complimenting the book in areas it [the book] could not illustrate. It should build upon, not take away.

I also love incorporating my passions in science, psychology, history, and more into my art forms, and hope to do just that in my career.

Works featured on this site may not be not be copied, transmitted, or used in any way, either in part or in full, without the author (Ariana Parkinson) expressed written permission.